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   We provide accurate and high-precision calibration services, maintenance, and the replacement of spare parts and training services in the use of measuring instruments and various related training courses both inside and outside the premises by specialist who have been trained at the manufacturer's factory and over 20 years of working experience, so you can be confident that you will receive good service, convenient, and fast.

Measuring Instrument

Measuring instrument sales service Industrial testing tools and calibration tools by being appointed as an official distributor in Thailand from direct manufacturers of world-class brands such as DH Budenberg, Budenberg, Wika, Mensor, Scadura, TIS, etc.

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Calibration Service

Calibration service for all types of industrial measuring instruments and has standard instruments that have the highest accuracy and precision by experts who have been trained at the factory.

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Education Product

Design, produce, distribute, and provide integrated services regarding educational equipment and teaching media in engineering, science, and technology in all fields of study in accordance with the curriculum accreditation set by the Council of Engineers (COE).

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Consultant and training
Academic and technical training services on various topics related to the needs of customers both inside and outside the premises by a team and specialist who have been trained directly by the manufacturer and over 20 years of working experience.
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07 May 2024

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